Germany’s Fiona Kolbinger has conquered over 200 men to become the first girl to win the Transcontinental Race, biking over 2,485 miles around Europe in just over 10 days.

The cancer research workers, 24, suffered thunderstorms, scorching heat and freezing rain at the solo race, which took her from Burgas, Bulgaria to Brest in north west France through five other nations.

After finishing in a period of 10 days, two hours and 48 minutes, Kolbinger says that she might have”gone tougher”, including:”I might have slept less”

Britain’s Ben Davies is poised to take second position, but he’s yet to cross the end line. He was 124 miles (200km) off when Kolbinger completed on Tuesday morning.

“I’m so, therefore, surprised to win,” explained Kolbinger, that had been among 265 riders taking part, of which 40 were girls. “When I was coming to the race I thought that perhaps I could go to the women’s podium, however, I never believed I could win the entire race.”

Racers can pick their own path but must pass four control points, shooting them over diverse terrain which includes gravel paths and demanding climbs, like the zigzag street of their Timmelsjoch pass at an elevation of 2,474m at the South Tyrol in the boundary between Italy and Austria.

The cyclists aren’t permitted to ask anyone the way or get technical assistance from anybody else, and has to find their own lodging and food.