A girl swept to her death by a river that was flooded was the former High Sheriff Annie Hall of Derbyshire, authorities have said.

Derbyshire Chief Constable Peter Goodman stated that he had been”shocked and profoundly saddened” by the passing of his buddy.

Seven flood warnings – termed a threat – stay on the River Don in South Yorkshire in place.

With trains not operating in portions of the East Midlands flooding has caused traveling disturbance and evacuations.

Services are canceled on the course and diversions are set up between Chesterfield and Derby, including about 30 minutes.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said it had announced a significant episode on Friday and said it had carried over 160 rescues out .

Deputy chief fire officer Alex Johnson advised people to”keep themselves secure, help one another and do not push into floodwater”.

Residents from 12 houses in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, are not able to return home following a mudslide on Thursday resulted in 35 possessions.

In Derby city centre, officials believed that the city-wide evacuation as police watched the River Derwent ditch to capture amounts of 3.35m (11ft).

The bus station was evacuated on Friday and a few roads stay flooded.

Water levels are receding after businesses and 200 houses have been evacuated on Thursday.

Bassetlaw District Council said its emergency break centre had shut as everybody who’d abandoned their houses was with family members and friends.

Individuals continued to be rescued on Friday out of cities and towns.

1 guy told the BBC kids were took by him through streets from his health club from Rotherham.

“The whole of this fitness center was completely saturated in water,” said Neil Wilson.

“We had to wade through water to get kids to the cars so that they can get home with their parents”

Among the areas that are most hit was Bentley, Doncaster, in which houses affected .

1 resident told BBC Radio Sheffield:”The stress is that our insurance policies are costly because it is due to this 2007 floods, so today we are all concerned whether we are likely to get reinsured.”

Reporter Richard Cadey stated some taxpayers were”frustrated and angry” in Doncaster Council – asserting it hadn’t been supplying sandbags ancient enough to stop properties from flood.

The council in the Salvation Army centre has set up A test facility in town.

Flooding has caused disruption in the area since Thursday day when heaps of shoppers were left stranded at the Meadowhall Shopping Centre after torrential downpours.

Sheffield has had 84mm of rainfall within the previous 36 hours, which will be close to the average rainfall for Yorkshire.

He said the city could expect”additional assistance from the authorities”.

Labour pioneer Jeremy Corbyn cautioned that the UK could expect weather because of climate change and seen with Conisbrough, near Doncaster.

“Clearly we want far greater flood prevention and management strategies,” he explained.