Meet the Team

Why Sylvan Oak?

Sylvan Oak was born because of a very strong family tradition in the restaurant business with a all-consuming passion for excellent food. Whether it was my father flambéing at the table to a suitably impresseddiner, or learning secret recipes from my mother’s food creations, I have been lucky that I have now honed all these experiences in life to something which is now quite special and lots of locals have seen me develop this skill because we have been in Findon village for close to 20 years now.

How would you describe your style of food?

In a few words I would like to describe my food as British Fusion though it is also described as Fine Dining.  I like the basis and style of French cuisine and their delicate flavours and techniques; my style is totake the inspiration from the traditional and marry it with the contemporary using European, Middle Eastern and Asian influences.  I’m an intensive reader of food journals, recipes, styles and I’m always seeking to experiment with new styles and techniques.

Your dishes always look like a master piece – tell us more!?

All of my dishes are bursting with flavour, yet not over-powering as there is always a synergy between flavours, colour, texture and aroma. These are so carefully thought out during hours of experimenting to get each dish perfect.

Literally, I will stand in the kitchen, sit at home after service and always think about new ideas about food and I am very lucky to have a great team around me who will make things happen.

What is new for the year ahead?

This year has been a great year. We were recognised locally with awards via our customers at the Sussex Business Times Awards, we launched the Sylvan Oak Business Club which has been very successful. This year one of our development areas is the outside catering side of the business; year after year we have had enquiries into this area so now we have launched the Outside Catering side of the business and it’s going tremendously well.